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Last Edited: April 13, 2020.

P.S.: Currently, I only share advices only to my email list. If you are not yet subscribed you can do it in the form that has been embedded on this post. Please let me know if you want to see my Insights posts in English. :)

Hello, I'm Cem. I have been preparing content for my own blog for years and now I have included this page. Insights.

With Insights, I will weekly broadcasts to you, and I will also set monthly different goals here and see if I have achieved my goals for the previous month. You can find my April goals under this post.

I will also transfer short summaries from Insights' content to my mailing list. If you are not subscribed to my mailing list yet, you can subscribe immediately. I will send you an email with the next blog post. You can also send me an email if you want to contribute or interview.

What is Insights?

Insights is the platform where I publish content on how to make money on the internet or motivating content and how different entrepreneurs start their own business every week.
At this time, it's easier than ever to start your business idea or additional project in mind. With so many resources and tools online, I want to show people how easy it is to start a new business.
I hope the interviews are not only inspiring but also provide detailed, specific advice and insight into starting a business. There are a lot of entrepreneurial junks (sermon, motivational junk content) on the Internet, which are not really useful for real people who are really starting out.
You can find stories about businesses of all shapes and sizes on my Insights page, whether it's a small sub-project or a large company that brings a few extra dollars a month.

Goals for Myself

I have only one professional goal for myself: to work comfortably for myself anywhere in the world. I am not sure when this will happen (I have a full-time job now and I also have 3 additional sources of income, but the money is cut off when I don't do it), so I want to automate everything at this point. But the only way I can do this is to try ideas, start new things, and look for the right opportunity. So I will decam to share completely transparent content with Insights.

My goals for Insights are:

  • Publishing high-quality content.
  • Build a community that "shows that the being initiative is not really stressful"
  • Learning tons of new information from the environment and other successful entrepreneurs
  • Increase my money income ''Do not worry, I mean content such as Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing and posts, so using the website will be completely free unless you want to be my supporter :) ''

Why Should We Build an Entrepreneur Community?

Actually I am a software developer but I also think of myself as an entrepreneur.
About a year ago, I started to build a SaaS initiative myself. Although my project failed, I found a great experience and wanted to start a new idea right away.
The project failed for many reasons, but the thing that stands out to me most is that I don't have enough time a day. I was working night and weekends, but we had different products that we had to sell during the day I was busy with 9 to 5's. The project not only failed but also seriously affected my daily routine productivity.

I wanted to work on something I could do both, and rolled up the sleeves. Because the first thing you should remember is that no one else will start this business for you. Neither your best friend nor one of your family. So what did I do? I remained focused on my work at 9-5. I still stay focused while writing these articles, and I have also finished a part of it every night and on the weekends, no matter how small a step in my next project. Trust me when it is delayed. For instance, let me rest for 1 hour, then I start. After a day, that resting takes 2 hours. :)

I started reading about people who started by uploading their content on their website and made good money. The ranking was just like this ... At a high level, the strategy is to choose a niche, create a ton of content and try to rank on the first page of Google, and then try to monetize affiliate marketing. This is all.
I started working on it and chose a niche that I thought would be profitable. However, I immediately realized that I had no motivation to work on it. I was not inspired to write content about the topics I care about. As I said, I have a desire for entrepreneurship as well as software development. Maybe I'll tell you how I set up internet radio in the future. Yes, with that degree and minimum cost. There were 110 users from the first week listening to my radio. However, I realized that it would not be the only one. Anyway, keep it to another story.
I thought the content site was still a great idea and was perfect for my program, so I had to find a topic I am passionate about. I realized that niche is entrepreneurship.
Inspired by all the achievements of Indie Hackers and the entrepreneurs there, I decided to start my own site's blog www.cemates.me/blog and then on this new site insight.cemates.me. Indie Hacker mainly focuses on technology and SaaS. I aim to see you in my entrepreneurial community list by presenting you different examples from all kinds of businesses and niches, whether it be e-commerce, social media, technology or anything else, just to stay connected and differentiate. I created a roadmap for my projects. I hope we can reflect very good things together and succeed together.
I was still doing this website right now. Although I am a programmer, it has always been a much faster and safer method for me to start on ready-made CMS-style sites, so I was able to focus only on the content that was my main goal and I don't have to spend time with any code.

Goals for April

I want to set monthly goals and share them with you. Here are my (modest) goals for April:

  • 1,000 sessions
  • 20 new users registered to the mailing list
  • Total 10 different contents
  • I know these goals don't sound good. I still spend most of my time on my 9-5 job and other additional work. But I will focus on growing soon and there will be content about all this roadmap!

I will let you know how this happened at the end of the month. You need your contribution to focus on the goals. You can immediately subscribe from the link at the bottom of this page.

Don't forget to subscribe!